Managing Open Educational Resources on the Web of Data

Source : Managing Open Educational Resources on the Web of Data (via le réseau ResearcheGate)

Auteurs : Gilbert Paquette et Alexis Miara du Centre de recherche LICEF et de la Chaire de recherche CICE

In the last few years, the international work on Massive Open On-line Courses (MOOCS) underlined new needs for open educational resources (OER) management within the context of the Web of Data. First, within MOOCs, all (or at least most) resources must be open and available on the Web through URIs, including the MOOC s themselves. Second the evolution of research and practice in the field of OER repositories, notably the focus in international e-learning standards, is moving recently from OER metadata stored in relational databases towards RDF – based descriptions of resources stored in triple stores. Th ird, new resource manag ement tools like COMETE provide more intelligent search capabilities within the Web of data, both for designers who are building MOOCs, and also for students who should be equipped with friendly tools to personalize their environment. We will present some COMETE use cases to illustrate these new possibilities and advocate for their integration within MOOC platforms.


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